French Destination Wedding

La Cheraille Wedding

Sylvie & Rufus

When I received an email earlier in the year asking if I’d be interested in photographing a wedding set in rural France, I was instantly excited. Sylvie & Rufus were planning an intimate wedding on the grounds of their home, a beautiful flower farm in Sonchamp, and wanted to capture the romance of the day. Being a creative couple, they imagined their wedding to be an experience, celebrating not just their love for one another, but for nature, food, and art. I was thrilled to be involved, and so in August when the big day came, I was on a plane bound for Paris.

The morning was quiet and relaxed, with guests slowly filling the grounds as the ceremony time approached. The location of the ceremony would be a ‘secret’ wild garden behind the couple’s house, only easily found if you knew where to look. After exchanging emotional vows to one another, the rest of the day was spent enjoying the sun and the spoils of the farm.

From start to finish, this wedding was personal and heartfelt, and I feel truly blessed to have been there to witness it.