Best of 2017

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One big epic story!


I don't share enough of the incredible stories I'm so privileged to capture; it's one of my biggest weaknesses as a self-employed photographer  and something I'm determined to work on in 2018! But as 2017 came to a close, I felt I needed to feature some of my favourite moments and highlights from the year in a 'Best of 2017' mash-up post! I've put it together as one big, epic story, featuring some of the best designs, funny moments and treasured memories. 

Before we dive in, I also feel I ought to stress how tough this post was to put together. Not wanting to give you whiplash from scrolling for hours through a never-ending list of images, I've had to be very conservative with what I've featured, but believe me when I say it was so darn hard to choose! I'd feature every wedding and connection session from start to finish on here if I could! Thank you to all my lovely couples and families from last year who made my job so special and worthwhile. I'm forever grateful that you let me in to your world. 

This is for you x