Rannoch Moor Connection Shoot





Earlier in October, I had the absolute pleasure of hanging out with two totally sweet people from the US of A, Colleen & Dillan. They wanted to capture a little glimpse of their time together amid the magic of the Scottish Highlands, and so got in touch to arrange this awesome autumnal shoot. 

We stood bravely against the wind, talked about how narrow the roads are, shared photography stories and watched a particularly majestic stag cross a river in front of us. We only shared a couple of hours with one another, but driving home I felt as though I'd just made two new friends. For that, I'll be forever grateful to this gorgeous, genuinely lovely couple.

So, here's a look into the slightly blowy, overcast afternoon we shared in Glencoe, Scotland. And wherever you guys are across the seas, thanks Colleen & Dillan for sharing a little of your special Scottish trip with me. 

P.s - Colleen just so happens to be a super talented photographer herself... Rustic Light Photography - check her out!