Louise & Kevin // Runningburn Farm

Louise & Kevin



There are few things better in this world than the feeling of complete escapism. No more traffic jams, crowded pavements or neon lights. Just quiet fields and an unmarked road rolling away from you. And the wonderful thing about Scotland is we don't have to go far to find peace like that. Louise and Kevin chose the idyllic Scottish Borders near Kelso for their big day, and it was perfection. The sun neither shone bright nor hid away, it just slipped gently through the clouds as the day past, keeping as warm but not getting in our way. The entire day felt like one plucked straight from a children's storybook, filled with charm and sweet things and the heartwarming hint of magic. Every moment was a delight, and yet gone much too soon. 

 I've been keen to share this day with you for many reasons, but the most stirring reason of all is that Louise & Kevin are two fantastic people, who have truly become my friends. Now beginning a new life in Spain, I wish them every happiness this world has to offer, and hope to see them again some day down the line. Below is the story of their day.