Chelsea & Michael's Isle of Skye Elopement

Chelsea & Michael

Isle of Skye Elopement

Back in May, I had the chance to capture the elopement of Chelsea & Michael on the beautiful Isle of Skye in the Scottish Highlands. The sun shone brightly for them both as we headed from their little rented cottage in Portree to the mystical Fairy Pools of Glen Brittle. Their ceremony was emotive and personal, conducted by Chelsea's lovely sister. Standing by the water's edge, the sound of the water around them was magical, and the two newly-weds couldn't resist going for a paddle to celebrate after they had tied the knot. Here is a little peak into their Skye elopement story...

Alexis & Nate's Loch Morlich Shoot




This story is an all-round pleasure to share with you. It won't take you long to look through, but it captures such a special moment between these two sweet souls that I just HAD to add it to the blog. You see, Alexis and Nate have a pretty unique love story...

Both from the US, Alexis and Nate live in a tiny house (no, I'm not being rude - it's a little tiny house on wheels, and one of the sweetest things you'll ever see! Alexis was kind enough to share some photos of their cute abode with me, and I want one). But Nate is in the Air Force, meaning that the time they spend together is limited and precious. So when they invited me to hang out with them on a beach in the Scottish Highlands, it was more than a privilege. I feel so grateful to have glimpsed a little bit of their time here; a Scottish sunset on the banks of Loch Morlich, not so long ago...





I could never have anticipated that my first wedding of 2017 would have been so knock-out, but it was.

So naturally, I've been dying to share it with you! To me, it seemed that JoJo and Robbie lived in a world surrounded by bright colour and even brighter people. Their wedding perfectly captured and celebrated that - filled with vibrant decoration, great style and lots of fun! They kicked off their wedding shindig with an emotional, joyous ceremony at Summerhall in Edinburgh. They then escaped the cold and rainy spring weather to explore the gallery of the National Museum, before heading off for a big sing along and party at The Biscuit Factory.  There were so many moments worth sharing, but here are some of JoJo and Robbie's best bits...

Roll on the season!

Regina & Gregory's Edinburgh Elopement


an edinburgh elopement story


There is something truly unique about elopements; the quiet intimacy of them. Regina and Gregory met whilst at university in Edinburgh, so it made perfect sense for them to tie-the-knot right here in the city with just a few of their closest friends and family. After an emotive ceremony at Edinburgh Lothian Chambers, the couple decided to explore Arthur's Seat. The sky was heavy and brooding, but there was nothing stopping Regina and Gregory making it to the very top of the hill.

In the end, the rain came down and the wind blew, and the scene got pretty muddy. But the second most beautiful thing about this elopement story (the first being R&G themselves!) was that everyone kept smiling through it all. They embraced the puddles, and made something wonderful out of it. I'm so excited to share this elopement with you guys now, I hope you love it as much as I do...

"I just wanted to capture what it was like to be young and alive."